This will be my 3rd year volunteering for People’s United Bank at the Ready! Set! Run! Festival.

I’m the co-chair of the committee of volunteers for MVP Health Care Ready! Set! Run! Festival for People’s United Employees. Our role is to greet the children as they arrive and give out People’s United Bank giveaways. We usually offer 3-4 products such as sunglasses, water bottles, and headbands.

Last year I made a resolution to try and do more volunteer work because it would give me opportunities to meet people in places I normally wouldn’t. I’m a very introverted person so I tend to shy away from activities that put me out of my comfort zone so I figured volunteering would give me opportunities to try to overcome that.

I love working with children so I usually choose volunteer activities centered on children.  I was a mentor for a 4th grade student throughout the school year last year. I also volunteered at the Girls on the Run race handing out medals to the girls as the completed the race.  That event was a lot of fun because I got a front row seat watching students cross the finish line completing something they had worked so hard for. For some, it was their first race so the joy and sense of pride when receiving their medal was an awesome sight to see.

My favorite volunteering story is just seeing how much fun kids have when they run. I attached a photo of my boyfriend’s daughter (aka my mini bff) at the run 2 years ago- she’s the one with the run for Cupcakes headband.  You can see how happy and determined the kids were on their race day.

For the majority of the children participating in Ready. Set. Run! they are just so excited to be there and love having people cheer them on.  Some of them have been training with their local Mini-Miler club and this is their big race so they are very excited to be there will all of their friends.  It’s also very encouraging to see how much fun children have when running- that’s something I often try to think about when I’m struggling through a long run- running is supposed to be fun!


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