Robert Britton had always been a active as a youth, but never seriously raced until he turned 26, when a friend convinced him to race the Shamrock n' Roll 5k in New Haven, CT. After that first race, where he finished with a time of 28:34, Robert has completed over 50 5k races, "numerous" 10ks, and five half-marathons.

"I started training indoors at my local YMCA, doing my best to utilize their treadmill's because of the time of year. I remember in the early stages of running I felt defeated when I began to run because I found it to be very difficult and challenging to run just one mile. I had many thoughts cross my mind, like "how can I be so bad at this when I used to be so good."

Thanks to support from his family, Britton has persevered, and this year will be able to share his love of running with his fiancé as they race as a relay team for the first time, under the name "Fully Engaged"

Britton and his fiancé Sarah will be running the People's United Bank Vermont City Marathon this year as a two person relay team. This will be Robert's 6th half-marathon and Sarah's first, and she will have the honor of crossing the finish line for the first time at this distance.

"I'm beyond excited to share such a special moment with her. I'm proud of the progress Sarah is making and staying true to her commitment and goals."