Training Tip for week of February 8, 2016


At this point in your young marathon careers, it is better to run for mileage or time, but not both. If you have a favorite running loop that you usually run in 30 minutes, but one day you do it in 35, don’t get discouraged. We all have days where our bodies feel dragged down by work and life commitments, and maybe even sleep deprivation.  Don’t get stressed out by this and live to run another day.  The most important point I can make regarding pace is to not set any expectations for the marathon other than just finishing. Arbitrary time goals, especially for your first marathon, can create unnecessary stress and may even lead to injury as you attempt to push your body faster than it’s ready for.

Stay consistent, follow the plan as it is laid out, and don’t let pacing get in the way of a good run!

-Coach Sam