Jason Wulff email

Hi all! I can’t wait to pace again for my third time at VCM.  This has truly become one of the highlights I went for a run. I haven’t missed too many days since then. The past few years since finding my way back to the running path have been amazing. I’ve met a lot of great people and had many memorable runs and races. I ran my second marathon about 23 ½ years after my first marathon and finished in 2:39. This past April I ran in the Boston Marathon with my daughter (her first Boston Marathon), my Dad (his 27th consecutive Boston, my brother (a veteran of many, many marathons) and my girlfriend (her 18th Boston and 77th overall marathon). I guess running has a way of working its way into the nooks and crannies of a life and family.

This will be my first time pacing a marathon and I’m really looking forward to helping other runners reach their marathon goals. Every marathon ends up being a unique journey that unfolds along the way. I'm not sure there is such as a thing as a perfect marathon. There are just too many variables that come into play over 26 miles of running. Starting conservatively, running smart and being flexible as the external factors take there toll are keys to success. I see my job as getting you to slow down when you want to run fast and speed up when you want to slow down. My best marathon performances have come through even pacing. It feels ridiculously slow in the beginning, but can become quite intense over the last few miles. I live between mile 2 and mile 11 of the VCM course, so I’ve spent a lot of time running on this course. I know all the little bumps and dips and turns. I’ll be there to help guide and encourage you along the way.