**Disclaimer: I am an employee of People’s United Bank – the title sponsor for the Vermont City Marathon. Opinions and views that are expressed here, and in each entry going forward, are mine and in no way should be construed as those of the company** ***Additional disclaimer: I don’t know that I necessarily need to have that first disclaimer, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry***

I hope you all had a lovely unseasonably warm holiday season! (Come on, wasn’t 65 degrees on Christmas Eve just awesome?! I was walking around wearing a tank top and NO JACKET!)

MyColorRunI guess I will put a stop to this rambling until next time. Now that I’ve introduced myself to you all I feel even more excited about taking this on. Hopefully my fellow marathon newbies can learn/share from my potential training pains…while the marathon veterans are probably just going to shake their heads and laugh – hopefully more often WITH me than AT me, haha.

Though when I tell the story about almost falling off the treadmill when I started training…it could go either way ;)

Until next time! -Sarah (Whose favorite band is Nine Inch Nails)