Congrats on finishing the race, we know you're probably just a bit tired, but there is a bunch to do within Waterfront Park.

For runners, you can meet up with all the great people who came to watch you run in the Reunion Zone. Gear Pick-Up will have been brought down from the start and is just a short bit north of the Reunion Zone. Who doesn't love a free massage; there is a massage tent for marathon runners who would like a chance to recover after a great effort. The with the tag on your bib, runners can get access to the runners food tent which includes pizza from Leonardo's , various fruits from Hannaford, Vermont Pure water, and food from Moe's Southwest Grill.

For the second year in a row, the band Yankee Pot Roast will be performing down in Waterfront Park near the beer tent by the finish line.  Yankee Pot Roast has been together since 1994, and is a five piece band playing original rock, reggae, and folk-rock tunes, along with a sprinkling of fresh covers.

Spectators; looking for a way to cheer on all the runners as they bolt towards the finish? The People's Pavilion will include material to make signs and have official Vermont City Marathon cowbells! And if you want something to remember us by, swing by the merchandise tent right by the results section for a great selection of RunVermont and Vermont City Marathon gear.