This time of year we often get questions about how to transfer between marathon and relay events. This blog post includes directions, information and tips on how to manage your registration for the 2020 People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon. This post assumes that you have already registered for either the marathon or one of the relays.

Mark your Calendar  If you are transferring from a Marathon registration to a Relay registration (or vice versa), these deadlines are important to keep in mind. Changes can be made to relay teams online until May 17, 2020. After May 17 ALL team changes* must be made at the Sport & Fitness EXPO on Friday, May 22 from 1:00pm – 8:00pm or Saturday, May 23 from 9:00am – 3:00pm. A $25 late-change fee will apply; proceeds from this fee will be donated to the RunVermont Youth Running Programs.

The deadline to transfer from one event to another online (e.g. Marathon to Relay, or vice versa) is May 17, 2020.

*Team changes include adding/removing team members, adding/removing team captain, transferring your team or changing your team name.

Registration Transferring Basics Transferring between events is only possible if the event you want to transfer to still has space available and is not sold out. There are three registration options – Marathon, 2 Person Relay and 3-5 Person Relay Registration and transfers are first-come, first-served. You don’t need to know everyone on your team to transfer your registration from Marathon to Relay or between 2 Person and 3-5 Person Relay. If you are creating a new relay team your team members can register and join your team once you have completed the transfer. (See the Mark your Calendar section above.) All registration, team management and changes go through (see below). 3-5 Person Relay teams with fewer than 5 runners are accepted. Some runner(s) will need to run multiple legs exchanging at VCM-designated relay exchange zones. No need to let us know who is running which leg – we don’t track this information.

Step by Step

Step 1- Log into your RunSignup Profile

There are two ways to do this. 1. Go to and log into your RunSignup profile; or, 2. Search your email and find the confirmation e-mail you received from when you initially registered for the Vermont City Marathon. There is a link in this email for your profile.

Step 2- Upcoming Events

Find the 2019 People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon & Relay in your RunSignup Upcoming Events tab.

Step 3- Manage  your Registration

Click the ‘Manage Registration’ link. (see below) This link can also be found in the confirmation e-mail you received shortly after you first registered for the event.

Step 4- Transfer Event

At the bottom of your registration information find and click on the 'Transfer Event' link. You will then be prompted to start the transfer process. Click the blue 'Start Transfer' button.

Step 5- Select New Event

Select the event to which you would like to transfer into from the drop-down. Click 'Continue'

Step 6- Create a New Relay Team or Join an Existing Relay Team

After checking off waiver, you will be prompted to either join an existing relay team or  create a new relay team. If you haven't already purchased a relay team, then you will most likely be creating a new relay team.

Step 7a- Are you Creating a New Relay Team?

Once you click on Create a New Relay Team the selected box will be highlighted in red.

Once you choose ‘Create a New Relay Team’ we suggest that you confirm Relay Team Type* is indeed the type of team you want. Then enter your Relay Team Name. No two team names can be the same, so we suggest having a backup name ready. Click ‘Continue’.

*Relay Team Type shown in the screenshot below defaults to the selection you made in Step 5 above. For example, if you select 3-5 Person Relay, then the Relay Team Type will default to 3-5 Person Relay. If you select 2 Person Relay, then the Relay Team Type will default to 2 Person Relay.

Step 7b-Are you Joining an Existing Relay Team?

Once you select 'Join an Existing Relay Team' you will be prompted to find your team name. There are two ways to find your Relay Team – you can either select the relay team from the drop-down list, or enter the team name in the search bar.

Team names can be very similar so it’s a good idea to confirm the Team Name and Team Captain under ‘Relay Team Details.’ As the number of teams increases, it is faster to use the Search Relay Teams feature rather than the Select Relay Team feature.

Step 8- Continue Through the Registration Process

Follow the prompts and continue through registration. You don’t need to know everyone on your team to register a new team. Your team members register once you have completed the transfer.

Step 9- Check-Out

At check-out, your Registration Cart will show the registration fee difference between the two events plus a $10 event transfer fee. If you are transferring to a lower-priced event (e.g. from a 3-5 Person Relay to a 2 Person Relay), you will only see the $10 transfer fee and will not receive a refund or credit for the registration fee difference.

Within a few minutes after completing your registration transfer you will receive a confirmation email from If you have not received a confirmation email we recommend looking in your junk mailbox. You may also look at your profile and Upcoming Events tab to confirm the transfer.

Additional Tutorials

We have several other registration tutorials that may be useful.

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