With kid's vacation and travel, my training schedule got a little shuffled. I did my long run for the week on Monday 2/29 (exactly 3 months before the marathon). It was great because the weather was really nice in the afternoon. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't 63 degrees with only a light breeze and a few scattered clouds (MY ideal conditions) and I did try a few excuses to run indoors. In the morning it was, "it's raining". Around noon it was, "it's really windy". I might have even tried, "the planets are poorly aligned." Denise- mom

But when my husband, who is not a runner by any stretch, (think-iron pumping gym rat with traps bigger than most human quads) started eye rolling and scoffing at me, I knew I needed to pound pavement.

While on topic of my husband, it's time I thanked him. I could not train for these events without him. He graciously entertains our kids, whisking them out of the house for long runs, which are only getting longer. He takes the rolling pin to my IT band when the foam roller isn't quite enough. He feeds me quite well (in fact makes sure I am getting enough calories)

There are increasing numbers of women (of all abilities) running. I recently saw a statistic from Running USA that 61% of half marathon finishers in 2013 were women. Over the last couple of years I have noticed many daddies along courses with babies, toddlers, and kids all decked out with signs, costumes, and cheering on their mommies. The dads have the strollers, the sippy cups, and diaper bags. The moms have the sweat soaked shirts, the wobbly legs, and the medals. Everyone has smiles.

Thanks to Title IX (now over 40 years old) and all the supportive husbands out there, like mine.