After our initial announcement on the postponement of The People's United Bank Vermont City Marathon & Relay to our new date of Sunday, October 25th, we’ve heard back from a number of registrants with questions regarding the date change and options available. We’ve captured a few of the common questions being asked that you might find helpful in your decision-making process.  

Question: If I plan to run on the new date in October, do I need to do anything as a current registered runner? 
Answer: No, you do not. Anyone who has already registered will automatically be transferred to the new date in October, no additional money is required and we look forward to seeing you in October!

Question: When do I need to make the decision to defer my registration to a subsequent year, transfer between doing the full marathon or doing a relay, or running the race as a virtual race? 
Answer: June 1st  

Question: If I decide to transfer my marathon registration to running the race as a virtual race are there any fees associated with making that transfer? 
Answer: No, we have decided to waive our standard policy for transfer fees which typically has a $10 cost. There will be no fee if you decided to transfer from the marathon to a virtual marathon for 2020.  

Question: If I run the race as a virtual race will I still get a t-shirt and medal? 
Answer: Yes

Question: Can I transfer my marathon registration to a relay team?  
Answer: Yes

Question: Why is there a fee associated with deferring my 2020 registration to a subsequent year? 
Answer: The majority of the expenses incurred to produce a race are realized well in advance of race day. What is a deferral? This option allows a runner to receive a partial credit of the 2020 registration fee for application to the 2021 (or in the case of marathoners, 2022 as an additional option).  In 2021 and 2022 marathoners are entitled to a $40 discount on that year’s registration fee. For the relay runners, the 2 Person relay teams will receive a $60 discount on the 2021 registration fee and the 3-5 Person relay teams will receive an $80 discount for 2021. The deferral option has never before been offered to the relay teams.  

Question: How do we manage deferring our relay team? 
Answer: Only the team Captain or the person who purchased the team defers the team which is ensured a spot for 2021. The Captain would re-create the team and team members would join the re-created 2021 team. 

Question: What if my relay team can’t run in October, can we transfer team ownership to another team?  
Answer:  Yes. That transaction is between runners with the original team captain transferring the team to a new captain via the Runsignup platform. There is no fee for such a transfer.  

Question: I would like to book my lodging for the October event. Will area hotels be offering lodging specials for the new October date? 
Answer: We are in the process of communicating with area hotels and arranging lodging specials for the new dates. Please check our website for updates to our lodging arrangements with area hotels for the October 25th weekend. Updated information can be found HERE

Question: What do I do if I purchased race registration insurance and am planning to run the marathon on October 25th?
Answer: Update your policy with Allianz (the race registration insurance provider) with the new event date. Details here: and follow the guide in this PDF to update the date for their insurance policy.