When RunVermont approached us last year about providing some of the awards for the People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon, we couldn’t get on board fast enough. It seemed like such a perfect partnership. As a 40 year old Vermont Company, those of us who work for Danforth recognize that this amazing place where we all live and work is more than just a State, it’s a “state of mind”. It’s a way of life; a unique and amazing experience every day.  We all get really excited about sharing that experience with those who visit us, and strive to enhance that experience for others who call Vermont home. It certainly seemed to us that RunVermont and the Vermont City Marathon share the exact same philosophy, and labor relentlessly to provide visiting runners a unique Vermont experience; something they will remember forever, and be a point of pride for those of us who are lucky enough to run here every day.  Why wouldn’t we want to create that kind of partnership?

I recently traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia for my semi-annual store visit at Danforth’s only retail location outside of Vermont. While I was there I was lucky enough to run three different mornings with a group that meets daily at different locations around the historic city. During one of these runs I had the opportunity to chat with a husband and wife who had run the Vermont City Marathon back in 2007. They were drawn to the race initially because the husband was working on doing a marathon in all 50 states (he’s only got three left to do at this point).  During our conversation the couple raved endlessly about their Vermont experience and the marathon itself. Maybe not surprisingly, the more they went on about their visit, the more my chest puffed with pride (as if I had actually had something to do with the amazing memories that they now associate with the place I call home and “my” hometown marathon).

So it is with Vermonters. We take pride in everything from our maple syrup and our scenic billboard-less roadways to our lake monster and “our” ice cream.  And why not DOGGONE IT!  We deserve to because each one of us, in our own unique way, makes the Vermont experience great.  Whether we get out there on Green Up Day to help beautify the landscape that we all enjoy on our daily runs, or just smile and say “Good morning!” to a fellow runner who is heading in the opposite direction, each of us is making Vermont a better place to live and visit.  So, as I continue to prepare for my first VCM after a 10-year hiatus, I will once again puff out my chest with pride for not only, once again, personally taking part in this uniquely Vermont and very special event, but also for professionally contributing by representing, with their work, a team of extraordinarily talented Vermont craftspeople who truly embody the Vermont “state of mind”.

Andy Toy, Director of Retail, Danforth Pewter

…Stay tuned to meet the “Lionhearts” – Team Danforth