Now in our second year as being a sponsor of the M&T's bank Vermont City Marathon, we decided that we should “up” our involvement in this great event, and go from just providing handcrafted in Vermont awards to registering our own team of Danforth employees to run in the relay. Captained by our beloved Middlebury store manager, Lauren, our team started taking shape a few months ago, and as is true for anything that Lauren touches, the build-up and preparation for the relay became more of an event than the event itself. Her enthusiasm, infectious as always, fueled a veritable torrent of team building activities and training inspiration.

Team Lionheart’s initial meeting was a team breakfast.  At that first get-together, Lauren provided each nt lion. They are: Team captain Lauren (52), Middlebury Store Manager and Retail Merchandising Coordinator. Lauren has three grown children, and after raising them as a single parent, she has reinvented herself.  She began running five years ago, and lost 30 lbs.  She swears by her Five Finger shoes. Jen (42), wholesale/custom accounts/marketing.  Jen is constantly going.  She balances full time work at Danforth with exercising and raising four kids (yikes!).  Leda (36), Middlebury Retail Assistant Manager.  Leda is new to distance running, but now that she’s into it she’s loving it.  She was a sprinter in high school.  Leda also loves soccer, and is constantly busy with coaching obligations for her three talented kids. Haley (27), Marketing and Graphic Designer.  Haley played hockey in high school and college.  She loves hiking the Long Trail and connecting with nature in any way.  Haley says that running in VT helps her soul feel grounded (I hear that!).  Johanna (34), part-time Retail Sales at Danforth and full-time high school science teacher. Johanna loves hiking, running, camping with family, and water sports.

If you see any of these amazing ladies on race day, they would love any support that you are willing to offer. Just give ‘em a jovial “GO LIONHEARTS!”  It will most certainly bring a smile to their face and put a little extra spring in their step.