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The growth of this race has led to some growing pains over the years. After our 2015 race, our city’s safety officers as well as the neighborhoods where we start and finish asked us to come up with some ideas to minimize the impact on those areas. To address that, we changed the way runner transportation worked for 2016. The new system worked great, and we plan to continue again for 2018.

  •  One Main Street Burlington will serve as our transportation hub as well as the location of Race Day Packet Pickup. Downtown Burlington has over 3000 public parking spaces.
  •  The bus to start location was changed in 2016 from Flynn Ave to One Main Street, Burlington.
  • Bus schedule here: Wave 1 Bus Info: Bus 1: 7:45am, arrive Colchester 8:00am Bus 2: 8:25am, arrive Colchester 8:40am Wave 2 Bus Info: Bus 1: 9:45am, arrive Colchester 10:00am Bus 2: 10:25am, arrive Colchester 10:40am
  • After you finish, buses will be available to bring you from the finish area on Flynn Ave back to downtown. These buses will start transporting runners and spectators at 11:00.
  •  Race parking near the finish will be greatly reduced. Private vehicles will not be allowed to travel west of Briggs St on Flynn Ave. Race parking will not be allowed on the neighborhood streets south of Flynn Ave.
  • If you have a friend or family member driving you to the start who wants to see you at the finish, they may do so. Our best advice is for them to drive to Airport Park to watch the start, then if you are running the first wave, drive to the Champlain School on Pine St and make the short walk to the finish. If you are running the second wave,  they can drive to downtown and take the shuttle bus to the finish area.
We strongly encourage racers to use our bus system. If we’re going to continue to be able to produce this event and use this course we need to address how many race-related vehicles are in the start and finish areas.

Looking forward to another great race in 2018. Hope you and your fans can join us!