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Why I Run: Robyn Steward

by jen on April 16, 2013 · 2 comments

in Why I Run

I think today is a day when we need to smile and appreciate the simple joy running brings… enjoy Robyn Steward’s list!!!

  1. It’s just fun (most days).

    Robyn's first age group win (35-40) at the Flying Pig 5K in Northfield, VT

  2. The Phone, clients, children and pages cannot find me. 
  3. I get to see nature, or a TV program depending on my running medium. Old Looney tunes are the best! 
  4. Its cheap. My running clothes are ancient but who cares.  I’m really the only one that can smell them. 
  5. I never feel guilty about the extra glass of wine.
  6. I like other runners. They are really great people. 
  7. It breaks up my day. 
  8. I can listen to a new CD or Musician and really hear them. Sometimes a new book. 
  9. Its not easy. 
  10. Running in the mud
  11. Running in the rain
  12. Running in the sun
  13. I’m 40 and I can outrun my kids, and most other kids too. There are some exceptions.
  14. It keeps me incredibly fit, more than anything else. Endurance! Seeing something through to the end because:
  15. Running has taught me patience. This is a constant lesson! 
  16. Running has taught me discipline. 
  17. Running has found me great lifelong friends.
  18. Its cathartic. And way better than crying.
  19. My legs are awesome. And I’m 40 (I believe I mentioned that) 
  20. Running helps me think and organize my thoughts. But not Math. Math and running at the same time are hard. You can ask me what 4+4×2 equals and I will still be thinking about at 15 minutes later. 

In a nutshell, without running I would be a miserable person. It makes me whole. Did I mention my awesome legs?

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1 Lea Finck April 16, 2013 at 4:29 pm

I can’t do math (or think of people’s names when I run) – apparently running keeps my brain cells way too busy!!!! Great list Robyn! I’m going out for a run right now! See you in 7 miles!

2 Krysten April 16, 2013 at 8:47 pm

I love this. Thanks, Robyn. Hope my legs look like yours when I’m 40 :)

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