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Why I Run: Greg Chapin

by admin on October 7, 2013 · 0 comments

in Why I Run

me runMeet 45 year old Greg Chapin from Beacon, Y…

I’m running to raise money for pancreatic cancer. My brother was diagnosed with the deadly disease in 2011 at age 40.  I don’t know if you know the statistics of the disease but pancreatic cancer is particularly lethal. According to the nonprofit  “The overall five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is six percent and most individuals with advanced cancer die within a year. There are no early detection tests, no effective long-term treatments and, unless the cancer is surgically removed in its earliest stages, no cure. It is the fourth-leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.” 

18 months after diagnosis my brother has already beaten about 80% of people diagnosed with the disease. 

But funding for pancreatic cancer lags behind other, sometimes less lethal diseases.  According to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. “Currently, research dedicated to pancreatic cancer receives a mere two percent of the federal dollars distributed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). By contrast, the other four of the top-five cancer killers in the US (lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancer) received 2.8- to 6.3-fold more NCI funding in 2009 than pancreatic cancer.”  

So I’m running to raise money for this dread disease. Specifically I’m raising money for the Lustgarten Foundation, a nonprofit organization where, because of their partnership with Cablevision, which pays all Lustgarten’s overhead expenses, every dollar raised goes to research.

My fundraising site for this event is here.

But I didn’t become a runner just for this.  To be truthful I’ve been a runner my whole life.   

When I was younger I preferred short distance & speed –  as I’ve gotten older and slowed down- I find distance is my forte. I’ve now run a half marathon and completed my first full marathon last September.  I hope to do 2 this year and raise money for both.  

My brother is doing well-  As I said- he’s already beat the odds by being here 18 months after diagnosis.  I have no doubt that he will be among the 5% or so who make it 5 years. 

But- I can’t be sure- and I’d like to find a way to keep others from having to go through what my brother & his family is.  And so I run.


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