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This Rookie’s Ramblings, #21: We Did It!!

by justin on June 1, 2012 · 2 comments

in This Rookie's Ramblings (2012)


Congratulations are in order for a whole range of people. First, to the thousands of

Ready to kick some butt pre-race with cousin Sarah

Vermont KeyBank City Marathon participants, way to go, you did a great job. Many of us may not have hit our goals in terms of time (looking right at myself for this one), but as time passes that becomes less important and the sheer accomplishment of finishing your run (full, half or relay) brings a smile to your face.

Secondly to the 1,700+ official volunteers and the thousands of others who lined the course to show their support. My favorite things were all the makeshift water, fruit, popsicle, sprinkler/hose, etc. stations that people put their time, money and effort into doing. Wow, thank you SOOOO MUCH. Every voice cheering me on helped me, and all that support gave me the added boost I needed to keep chugging. And I mean that, as I stated my time was less than ideal, but having everyone cheer me was a godsend.

Lastly, to the staff at RunVermont who hosts, plans and executes this event annually. Thank you from all of us.

On a personal level, congratulations to my friends and family who ran VCM, you all did a great job.

Chugging though Battery Park on my way to North Avenue (thanks sis for the water bottle)

I won’t dwell on my results other to say I had hoped for better. But I remain undaunted and look forward to my next marathon, perhaps in September. I know what I learned from this experience as a first timer at VCM will prepare me for my next attempt and hopefully produce a better result.

After the race I spent some time in the medical tent in attempt to get my left knee to bend once again (it was a fun last ~10 miles!). While there I was overcome with emotion. The emotion of just finishing swept over me as if it had been building up for 18 weeks and I let loose a few quick, hearty sobs. There were not tears of pain or sorrow, but ones rooted in joy. The kind of emotion that can only come from within when you alone are faced with a challenge and are able to overcome it. Even now, thinking of what I did, of what we all did, in the five months leading up to and including May 27, it makes me smile in a knowing manner.

For the thank you section of this post I could run the risk of attempting to name the dozens of people I want to thank, knowing all along I’ll forget one or two key people. So as not to offend, I offer a wide thank you to those who have supported me during this, especially my family, to the staff at RunVermont for giving me this opportunity, to you the reader for reading these thousands of words and sharing your great comments with all of us, to Coach and all my friends who helped me through this process.

Now that my legs kinda work again, I can truly say I look forward to seeing you out on the road, along the bike path, etc., this summer running.

Best of luck and thank you,

Justin Rabidoux

Well earned and not soon to be forgotten

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1 diana June 1, 2012 at 12:54 pm

Hey Justin – Congrats on your huge accomplishment and thanks for your interesting, informative and entertaining blog posts. Maybe I’ll see you on the course in September – after years of running on 5 or 2 person KBVCM relay teams I caught the bug and have signed up to run the full in Montreal.

2 Tim June 7, 2012 at 11:42 am

Hi Justin
Two years ago in my first marathon at VCM I had a very similar experience including a brutal struggle the last 6 miles, finishing in a time way slower than my expectations, spending time in the medical tent and shedding many tears (although at the time I didn’t feel they were rooted in joy, more like massive disappointment in myself.) Looking back now I am so grateful for the experience as it has grounded me in my journey that is the marathon. You witnessed a side of the marathon that few think about, see or experience, but every marathon there are people just like us who get chewed up and spit out. The experience you had in mind will happen for you and it will be so worth it, you will appreciate it exponentially more than anyone who hasn’t gone through what you went through. You are so smart to sign up for a fall marathon. Don’t stop running, continue pushing yourself, be patient and enjoy every minute of exploration this sport offers.

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