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Meet the 2013 Pace Team (Part II): Dan Renaud & Tom Nuovo (4:00)

by Intern on March 20, 2013 · 3 comments

in Meet the Pace Team

We began offering pace leaders for the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon in 2009. This year, pace leaders are available for the following times: 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, and 5:30. We’ll feature our pace team leaders here on the blog every Wednesday and Friday through March.

If you’re interested in running with a pace leader or just want to know more about the program, please be sure to read this post. While registration is not required, we would love to get a sense of how many people plan to run with each SkiRack Pace Leader. Please contact our SkiRack Pace Team coordinator, Jack Pilla, at indicating which pace group you plan to run with. No worries if you change your mind between now and race day and decide to run another pace or opt out of the Pace Team.

Dan Renaud:: email

Dan Renaud (4:00 pace team leader)

I ran my first marathon at age 16, completing the 1982 Green Mountain Marathon in 3:21:17.  So, I guess you could say I’ve run marathons in each of the last four decades.  This year’s VCM will be number 15 overall and my third VCM.  A training partner once said that each marathon is like a child, special in its own way and always your favorite.  I’m not sure that every  one has been my favorite, but each one is distinct and certainly special in its own way.

This will be the second time I have been a pace leader.  I paced the 3:30 group in Hartford last fall.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as a pace leader and feared there would be no one in my group.  I had a blast.  Running a marathon with a group was more fun than I imagined, and bringing in a large group – about 20 –  under their 3:30 goal (and a few PRs) was incredibly rewarding for me.  I’m excited about pacing this year’s 4-hour group, or as I’d like to call it, the 3:59 group.

As far as strategy, we will be walking water stops at least from Pine Street on.  That was my strategy for the race where I set my PR, and I think it is essential to break up the race into smaller units and make sure you hydrate early in the day, whatever the weather.  I will incorporate Roll Call in the latter miles.  Make sure you stay with the group so you can answer when we call out your name.  Just some added incentive to stay with the group!

As you know by now, the course is outstanding, the volunteers and support along the way is unparalleled.  Its now just up to you to go out, run smart, savor the speed, and have fun running a sub-4.  I’m excited to be along for the ride.

Tom Nuovo:: introductory post:: email

I wanted to use my second blog to discuss running barefoot.  I started running barefoot back in early August of 2010.  In January of 2010 I began having lots of knee pain from running.  It did not actually hurt to run, rather it hurt mostly at night.  I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my left knee.  I was told I should stop running.  Yeah, like that was going to happen.  Shortly after my appointment I was out with Howard having a beer. (Yeah we all know Howard!)  He let me know about a barefoot running clinic that was taking place the next day and suggested I go.  After going, and buying the book, I started running barefoot.
The thing to understand about running barefoot is that it is not something you need to do all or nothing.  It is something you have to take gradually.  This is true even if you are switching to a minimalist or zero drop pair of running shoes.  The first week I ran every other day and just to the park at the end of my street.  That was about 300 – 400 feet.  It was a month before I ran a mile, and even then I got blisters.  Sometimes I ran in socks (yea it looked funny).  If you want to run barefoot, work it slowly into your schedule.  Anyone can do it, you just need to be patient.  After about 3 months I was finally running over 4 miles and before it got too cold I was able run 10 miles.
Now I can run up to 8 miles or more barefoot, but I do not race barefoot.  Typically I will wear a pair of Fivefingers and have also been very happy with a pair of Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris.  I have now run three marathons in Fivefingers.  At first training was harder since there were many muscles that needed tuning.  I have been running this way for over two years now and am just as fast, if not faster, than I was with shoes.  The best part is that I no longer have any pain in my left knee.
Anyone can run barefoot, it just takes time.  It is not a process you can rush.  The best advice I heard was if it hurts, stop.  Running should be fun.  If you want to change, do it gradually and expect a complete transformation to take 1 to 2 years.  Hope to see you on the trail.


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1 Jason Wood March 21, 2013 at 9:20 am

You two are going to be my new best friends on race day. Running my first marathon and 4hr is my goal. thank you!

2 Steve L March 25, 2013 at 7:23 pm

Also going to join Lindsay’s and Tom’s group. This will be Marathon #7 for me but first in a couple of years. First in Vermont; 6 states so far ! Getting back on track and looking forward to VCM.

Congrats on getting ready for your first Jason!

3 Lindsay March 26, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Jason & Steve,
We will all have a great day together. If you are available, please join us on April 18 or May 16, 6pm at Skirack in Burlington for a run. We would love to meet you before the big day.

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