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Ready, Set … Relay!

by Jess Cover on February 14, 2014 · 0 comments

in Ask the Physical Therapist

Green Mountain Rehab & Green Mountain Running Medicine Shop


Driving around on Saturday or Sunday mornings, it is hard not to notice the hearty runners out braving the elements – alone and in groups, outfitted with fuel belts, camelbaks, hats, mittens and determination.  Marathon training for KBVCM is in full effect!

Driving by these runners, sipping your latte, you may be thinking that you are weeks or even months away from starting your training for the relay…

But, don’t make this mistake.  Too many people think “I am ONLY running the relay”.  It is easy to underestimate the training necessary to arrive at your relay handoff healthy and ready to have a successful race. 

Now is the perfect time to start building a base of easy miles or cross training, working on core and hip strength, flexibility and form – all key steps in preventing injuries.  Waiting too long to start training will result in ramping up mileage too quickly in April and May, which is one of the most common training errors, and a major risk factor for injury.

The first ‘step’ in your training should be to get the running shoe that best fit your stride and foot type.  Then, pick out a training plan or connect with a coach who can help create an individualized plan.  It is the perfect time to start a yoga class to work on flexibility and a core class to work on strength and stability.  For those who are motivated to prevent injury, go through an injury screen to determine your specific weaknesses and get a prescription of individualized exercises..  And, of course, start running!  It does not have to be a lot of miles or fast paced, simply get your legs moving and give your body plenty of time to adapt.

Do not procrastinate.  Start early and you will be much happier as you pass off the relay bracelet or cross the finish line in Waterfront Park. 

If you have any questions or need help with any of these important ‘steps’ toward a healthy relay race, please come see us at Green Mountain Rehab and The Running Medicine Shop.  Join us for Yoga for Runners every Monday night at 6:15pm, and for a new 6-week Core Yoga for Runners class on Thursday nights at 6:15pm, starting 2/13. 


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