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Shelburne Farms Fun Run … this weekend!

by jen on September 17, 2014

in Youth

Crazy kid warmups

Crazy kid warmups

Families, are you ready to have fun? RunVermont’s youth program Ready, Set, Run is gearing up for  Sunday, September 21, 1:00pm at the Shelburne Farms  Coach Barn in Shelburne, Vermont. We’re more than excited to be going back to the Shelburne Farms for the eighth year in a row. Our first 2014 fall race at Catamount Outdoor Family Center brought out over 75 young runners who had an absolute blast.

All children will have the opportunity to participate (with or without parents) in a1.5 mile, 1mile and .5 mile race. 

We’ll enjoy the gorgeous views at Shelburne Farms while running along the shoreline of Lake Champlain as well as through the wooded trails of the farm. After the run we’ll have chocolate milk from Rise’NShine.

Thank you to our local sponsors SKIRACK, Chira Orthodontics, KidVT and MVP Health Care

Register NOW and save time on race day!

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Hi Runners-

Hope your recovery after the marathon was quick and you’re all back at 100% for your summer training and all the fun races out there. Here in the RunVermont office we’re in the process of reviewing the hundreds of feedback responses you all sent in on our survey. I read the technical sections…course issues, start area, finish area, etc…and every year a few items keep coming up in what you’ve written, so I thought I’d take a minute to let you know our thoughts on one issue that I’ve now seen comments from a bunch of you on – and that is the mix of marathoners and relay runners at the start and on the course. It’s funny, when I read the comments from Marathoners, what you ask for to alleviate crowding at the start is to start all the marathoners first then all the relay runners later, and when I read the comments from Relay Runners of course it is the opposite.  The crux of the problem is that we have some fast marathon runners and we have some fast relay runners. If you look at this year’s results, 77 of 2611 marathon starters broke 3 hours, 2.95%, and 38 of 1687 relay starters broke 3 hours, 2.25%. I would also suspect, although we do not have the data to prove it, that we have a number of 5-Person relay teams who have a fast first leg runner but the other 4 runners on the team are a little slower which causes the team to finish in 3 hours or more. So in total, the data tells me that in total we have a similar percentage of marathon and relay teams who can be expected to finish in under 3 hours. Our slowest marathoners tend to run about 15:00 miles, perhaps just a little slower, and our slowest relay teams are right around 14:00/mile.

Knowing that, let’s say we decided to start all the marathoners first, and let’s say we started all the relay teams 15 minutes later. In that case we would reduce the time it takes all marathoners to cross the start line, down from 5:25 this year to probably about 3:30. That would be a good thing, all marathoners are on the course quicker, but then about 1.5 miles into the course the fastest relay teams would start to catch the slowest marathoners and would be faced with the challenge of trying to battle their way through 3000+/- marathon starters. That does not sound like fun for anybody!

On the other hand, start the relay runners first and the marathoners 15 minutes later and the process is the same as above for the top marathon runners. Because of these challenges we’ve always combined all runners at the start, and this issue was one of the deciding factors when we added the Preferred Start Corral a few years ago. Our feeling is that if you properly seed yourself in the start corrals, no matter if you’re a marathoner or a relay runner, your best race comes from starting in the right spot. Look for the pace signs, the Pace Leaders, and put yourself in a position to run your best race whether you are doing all 26.2 miles or you’re running the first leg for a 5-Person team.

Here at the RunVermont office we’re always open to your suggestions so if you read what I write above and have an idea about how we can improve the process – or a compelling reason why the marathoners or relay runners should start first – we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Joe Connelly – RVT Technical Coordinator

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High-Fives & Hand-Holding – Rookie Kiersten

June 4, 2014

The day after I ran VCM, I was Facebook chatting with a friend and he asked me, “So, what is the next challenge for you?” To which I responded, “Getting my bike up my stairs without screaming.” Going downstairs, getting into a car, and even sitting down to pee were my new adventures. Each one [...]

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Introducing your RRCA Eastern Region Marathon Champions

June 4, 2014

After many years of serving as the Road Runners Club Of America’s Vermont State Championship, we were honored when our regional rep Mark Grandonico informed us that for 2014 the RRCA had selected the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon to be the Eastern Region Championship at the marathon distance. This honor is a testament to the effort [...]

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No Training & The Flag on my Back

May 31, 2014

Four years ago I was an over-confident 16-year-old and I thought that if my dad could run a marathon I could too.  I registered to run the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and promptly neglected my training until about a week before the race.  My longest training run was ten miles, but I still showed up [...]

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Vermont All-Time Single-Age Records set at 2014 KBVCM

May 30, 2014

RunVermont would like to recognize and congratulate 5 runners who set Vermont all-time single-age records at this year’s KeyBank Vermont City Marathon: Margaret Diacont, Nazareth, PA, F23, 2:49:57 Mary-Lynn Currier, Burlington, CT, F50, 3:00:53 Susan Hackney, Montpelier, VT, F57, 3:29:14 Dereje Deme, Ethiopia, M29, 2:22:04 Paul Huyffer, Shelburne, VT, M75, 4:18:29 Currier, Hackney, and Huyffer’s performances [...]

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A “Thank You” From Boston Hopeful Lili

May 29, 2014

Its all over–I can’t believe it.  My anticipation leading up to the 2014 KBVCM was greater than any previous KBVCM.  This year I knew that I was going to be running the marathon since the fall, thus I started training earlier, and started mentally and physically preparing myself since November. Traveling to Rwanda, life, and [...]

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Rookie Shane – Unfinished Business

May 28, 2014

I have officially completed 26.2 miles! I’ll get to race day, but since this is my last rookie blog for RunVermont, I’d first like to reflect on the last six months: 1/1/2014- After losing 180 pounds in 1.5 years, I decide to run a marathon to get myself back on track. What am I thinking!? [...]

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Boston Hopeful Lili – Just a Week Away

May 20, 2014

Last year after I ran KBVCM I told myself, “that was amazing but I don’t think I’ll ever run another marathon.”  Its not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of the marathon, but after feeling the physical and mental exhaustion that occurred for me around mile 18, I thought that I was crazy for running [...]

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Rookie Kiersten – Body & Mind (Un)Preparedness?

May 20, 2014

This past week has been quite lovely. While I did have one three-miler that felt like death, I shamelessly blamed it on record heat and humidity. I didn’t actually check WeatherBug for the real temperature or any records, but we’re saying that, OK? I mean, there was a LOT of sweat and swearing; it only [...]

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