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About Us:

RunVermont Staff & Board

RunVermont Staff

Peter Delaney
Executive Director

Peter joined the RunVermont team in May, 2009. He says every day is a new day for him until May 4, 2010. (The rest of the team thinks he’ll discover that every day is a new day for many years to come). Before he came to RunVermont, Peter was at Smuggler’s Notch Resort for 27 ½ years. He held various positions at Smuggs; when he departed he was the Vice President. Peter is a New Yorkah, born and bred in upstate New York. He attended college at State University of New York at Cortland, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation. Peter volunteer at several RunVermont events before assuming the role of Executive Director. For fun, Peter and his wife, Cindy, travel, are avid bikers, skiers and both enjoy running. Peter has a great laugh it’s one of those deep, hearty, appreciative laughs that make you want to say something funny so you can hear it again. Clearly Peter is excited to be here; almost every day he has new ideas on how to take each event and make it better or try something new.

RunVermont Staff & BoardJoe Connelly
Technical Director

Joe thinks he started on staff at RunVermont in 2004… but he’s truly been involved in some aspect with the Vermont City Marathon since the beginning. He was on the far periphery of the group who originally started VCM, but trained with them Wednesdays, ran the original course with Gordon MacFarland (First VCM Executive Director) in 1988. He ran the marathon in 1989 (2:54-pr) and worked registration and results in 1990. He volunteered as a Course Captain in 1992, ran again in 1993 (3:18), worked at Waterfront Park as set up volunteer in 1994, joined the Race Committee as Waterfront Park Coordinator 1995-2000, then served on the Race Committee/Staff as Technical Coordinator-Parks from 2001-2004. We’re pretty sure he was finally given a desk with an official title of Technical Director around 2004. As Technical Director Joe is in charge of just about every aspect of the course, from planning and permitting, to course layout, design, support services, signage & cones, aid stations & fluids, relay exchange zones… you name it, Joe does it. He can tell at exactly what .001 degree of a mile the course changes even the slightest of elevation. Like everyone on staff (except Peter) Joe is part time, when he’s not working at RunVermont he is St. Michael’s College Head Coach for Men's Cross Country and the Men's/Women's Nordic Skiing Coach. And when he’s not working one of those jobs, Joe enjoys outdoor sports such as cross country skiing, running, biking, hiking, golf and squash. Joe has a head for numbers. We can’t tell you the number of times we’re certain he’s reading stats off a notebook that we can’t see. But these numbers are all stored in his brain; It’s incredibly impressive. We rotate chores in our office and when it’s Joe’s turn he brings in his own vacuum from home – every chair has been lifted, desks have been moved, plants have been watered and dusted – literally if this place could sparkle, it would, only on Joe’s chore week.

RunVermont Staff & BoardLisa Brighenti
Operations Director

Lisa started at RunVermont in February of 2009. Lisa (like Leandre) has her hands in a lot of the day to day work. She looks hard at processes in place, often questioning us thoroughly on why we do it the way we do and then figuring out a way to make those processes easier. Lisa is incredibly competent at taking complicated projects and executing them efficiently. Lisa and her husband Dave have three young children ages 3, 6 & 9 years old. They moved to Vermont in 2003 from Minneapolis where Lisa worked for Prudential as a Conference and Project Manager. She grew up in Connecticut and attended Swarthmore College where she received a BA in Psychology. When asked what she does outside of work, Lisa laughs and says that with three children she dreams of sleeping through the night, cooking, reading and traveling. Lisa is interested in supporting local and sustainable agriculture and reducing her own carbon footprint. Lisa talks fast and she walks fast and she has boundless amounts of energy. She works part time, manages the crazy schedules of her three children, is on the Green Mountain Children's Museum Exhibit Team and is Co-chair of The Bellwether School Family Association. She spends what little free time she has working out at the YMCA, planning an event for the museum or volunteering for crazy things like painting the school bathrooms. Lisa never says a bad word about anything or anyone. Never. Seriously, who is like that?

RunVermont Staff & BoardKate Youlen
Graphic Designer

Kate began working on RunVermont in November, 2009. As Graphic Designer, Kate’s job is to design and create ads and all our printed material (including the handbook mailed out to all VCM  participants), make us look good online at different social networking sites and find cool gear to sell. Other jobs Kate has had prior to RunVermont are Attractions Hostess at the Disney/MGM Backstage Studio Tour, Senior Designer, Art Director, Biz Owner, Mommy, Baby Momma. Kate grew up right here in Burlington and attended college at the University of Iowa where she received a degree in Graphic Design. Kate and her husband Dave have a daughter and infant son. When she’s not working or spending time with her daughter she designs wedding and other invitations as well as stationery – her plan is to someday own her own paper store. Kate is cool. She knows all the sites to buy the hip new shoes or bags; she’s up with the new and best water bottles and children’s accessories. She knows how to tweet. She understands and even uses tweetdeck, co-tweet, twitterbug and all the networking sites that give her instant access to what is going on in the community. Kate is very social, she listens to what people are talking about and asks intuitive questions to get to know them. She’s definitely is not a “hey, look at me” person but when asked if she’d be the magician’s side kick in a show she said she would be the first person on stage. You should be excited to see what Kate is designing and buying. She’s bringing a breath of fresh air to everything RunVermont.

RunVermont Staff & BoardJoy Dubin Grossman
Youth Director

Joy joined the staff of RunVermont in December, 2009, but she’s been a volunteer at the marathon for at least three years. Her duties as a volunteer included living in the trailer(s), handing out tech supplies to the volunteers and working the course from Battery Park south. Now as Youth Director, Joy is in charge of all youth activities including the Many Miler Program, the Junior Youth Program and the MVP Health Care YAM Scram event. Before she came to RunVermont she was a landscape designer and Installer, she managed a Woolen Mill and taught at a school for young boys with disabilities. When she’s not at work she spends time with her three children ages nine, twelve and sixteen. She does crazy things like run Ultra Marathons – she (and I quote) “gets pleasure running up mountains.” (You know we live in Vermont, right? Our mountains are not small). Joy has completed the Iron Man in Plymouth, MA and her goal is to complete the Hawaii IronMan by the time she turns 50. When she’s not at RunVermont she spends her winters teaching skiing at the Nordic Center in Woodstock, VT and is the Assistant Nordic Ski Coach at Woodstock Union High School. She spends her summers gardening and is currently enrolled in the Master Gardener program.

RunVermont Staff & BoardJen Savas
Registration Director

Jen began working on the staff at RunVermont in April, 2007. She remembers because she was pretty much thrown into the registration process at the busiest time. Luckily she was too new to know how much could get messed up with a few errant mouse clicks. Jen was a volunteer for the marathon for about ten years before joining the staff. Jen worked at the Finish Line starting at the VIP tent then handing out medals to the finishers. Jen says that was the best volunteer job ever: runners were totally overwhelmed with their amazing feat of running a marathon – and were often delusional – Jen received loads of sweaty hugs, kisses and once even a marriage proposal! Jen grew up in NH, went to college at Castleton State where she graduated with an English Literature degree. After college, Jen moved to Burlington to follow a boy (who she has since now lost track of). All of Jen’s previous jobs were all in the wireless industry, where she worked in Customer Service actually built cell towers. When Jen isn’t at work she spends her free time with the love of my life, her four year old son. Jen loves to read, do crafty projects she enjoys gardening in the summer.

Event Staff

Cheryl Aley
Sport & Fitness EXPO Director

Jon Floyd
VCM Course Technical Director

RunVermont Board of Directors

Cheryl Aley                                             
Karen Allen
Mike Bursell                                           
Joe Carton                                        
Elzy Wick                                      
Jed Dousevicz- past Chair                  
Kevin Dwyer –Chair                             
Diane Gildea 
Mike Kanarick                                 
Scot Kline – Treasurer                  
Nicole Ravlin - Vice Chair             
Mike Richard                                    
Brigitte Ritchie                                     
Tom Torti – Secretary
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