The RunVermont MVP Health Care Ready. Set. Run! Junior Milers program kicked off last month with a shoe fitting at Skirack! Ready.Set.Run! is a twelve week youth running program serving Chittenden County youth ages 11-18 in pursuing their running goals. The program culminates in the junior athletes each running a leg of the M&T Bank Vermont City Marathon Relay. The youth come from many different organizations, including the King Street Center, Boys and Girls Club, Rock Point School, Camel's Hump Middle School, and Burlington High School. Each location has a volunteer coach who provides 12 weeks of structured training in preparation for the big event.Junior Milers

All hands were on deck at Skirack for the shoe fitting, with over 50 runners in attendance looking to get their feet into some new kicks. To keep the crowds at bay, the night started with introductions and a human scavenger hunt down the street at Main Street Landing. Youth were only allowed to be fit for shoes once they’d completed the scavenger hunt.

While she was waiting for her turn, Kale from the Boys and Girls Club shared a little bit about why she's excited for the program.

"I had liked running before I knew about the program, it was just a fun thing to do. But now I am really looking forward to excelling in my running!"

Andrew "Stubs" shared his unique running story with a few people that evening, as well as where his nickname stems from. A few years ago, Andrew was at home, mowing his lawn, when he slipped and fell on a hill. This series of unfortunate events did not turn out well for Andrew's left foot. He ended up losing all of the toes on his foot. "I don't care, I'm still running!" Now that's the spirit!